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Flunking out of Brightling Academy—a prestigious finishing school for Muses-in-training—isn’t an option for Bianca Harper. But if she doesn’t master Poise and Charm or stop tripping over her ballgown, failure is inevitable. Then he shows up: Sebastian Greenbriar, the first male student to walk through Brightling’s halls in decades. For extra credit, Bianca agrees to help him settle in—even though putting up with his self-absorbed attitude feels more like a punishment than a chance at redemption.

But just as Bianca begins to make good, she discovers an even bigger problem lurking in the shadows. As foretold by ancients, the Well of Imagination—the force from which Muses draw their powers to inspire—is running dry, threatening the future of Muse-kind and the beauty they bring into the world. Sebastian’s connection to this danger is impossible to miss, but when he isn’t who or what he claims, can Bianca rely on him to help her stop the impending darkness?

A novella published as part of the Academy of Magic limited edition digital box set.

Genre: YA, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romance

Publisher: Enchanted Quill Press (orig.)

Publication: November 12, 2019 (orig)

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