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The Crimson Sash Series Draws to a Close

I did it! Flicker to Fire almost didn't happen about a kajillion times, but it's finally here. Trilogy complete! If you like Delirium-esque dystopian fiction with a whole lotta romance and nods to real-life social issues, I hope you'll give it a try!

Thank you to everyone who helped along the way, including everyone at Inkspell Publishing and Qamber Designs Media--not to mention the brave readers who gave the Crimson Sash series a chance. Now, before I get all choked up, here's the obligatory blurb and links ...

* * *

Beyond the broken wall, a fire has begun to burn ...

Outside the refugee center in Kébec Village, the border wall separating the New Republic from the Nation continues to crumble. On one side, Neve Hall and Micah Ward are Sans Murs operatives, documenting cases of the Nation's human rights violations as escapees arrive. On the other, Isla Pryce has begun a ruthless mission to purge the Nation of Sufferers who, like Micah, have been unfaithful to their vows.

Then she arrives: Blythe Thatcher, a mysterious young woman on the run from Isla's vicious Inquisition Board. In Blythe, Neve sees a way to help Sans Murs further its cause--and rid the Nation of its callous Suffering system once and for all. But when the Nation uncovers their plan, the struggle that started as a flicker quickly turns to fire, and only Neve and Micah can extinguish the flame.

Note: The Crimson Sash series is best enjoyed when read in sequential order, ending with Flicker to Fire.

* * *

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